Revitalize your body’s most vital asset. The V Body Care Series from Beauty Bin is a menu of safe, gentle spa experiences for a woman’s foundation. With time-tested professional technique, our estheticians can help you feel refreshed, confident and healthier with our “skincare for down there.” 

The Vajacial

Revitalize your body’s most vital asset. The Vajacial is a vaginal “facial” treament for frequent ingrown hairs and dark spots, or a refresh for confidence and comfort.

The V-Steam

Embrace a centuries-old body ritual. The V-Steam is a non-invasive, all-natural and holistic way to detox and cleanse your intimate area.

V Packages

 Take advantage of this special package for NEW clients only and start to see all the amazing benefits V-Steaming has to offer. Bundles and memberships available!

The Vajacial

Revitalize your body’s most vital asset. An effective treatment for frequent in-grown hairs and dark spots, or a refresh for confidence and comfort. Enjoy a gentle cleanser followed by a mild enzyme exfoliant, extractions, a soothing Casmara jelly mask, and the ultimate finish with skin brightening serums.

NOTE: This service cannot be performed same day as Brazilian/bikini wax. Wait 7 days after any shaving/waxing before booking this treatment. 



Yoni steaming, also known as V-Steaming, is a practice that has been around for centuries. V-Steaming is a non-invasive, all-natural and holistic way to detox and cleanse a woman’s intimate area. 


The V-Steam is a seated treatment that uses the warmth of steam-infused herbs that may help with gynecologic issues, such as menstrual cramps, clots, missing periods, heavy periods, short menstrual cycles, long menstrual cycles, irregular menstrual cycles, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, infertility, cyst, fibroids, bacterial vaginosis, dryness, PCOS, cramps and many more vaginal-related issues.


Vaginal steaming…

  • Improves circulation
  • Penetrates cells for a deep clean
  • Directly touches cervix and gets through the cervical opening into the uterus
  • Softens scar tissue
  • Moisturizes and tones skin tissue
  • Clears out uterine stagnation improving normal uterine function
  • Resets the vaginal microbiome and stimulates the healthy bacteria defense mechanism
  • Helps reset normal hormonal function


Vaginal steaming is an alternative way for preventative care and overall rejuvenation for the yoni. During a steam session, plant oils are carried into the yoni. Our ancestors believed that all herbs are medicines that allow us to reconnect with our bodies.

When is it OK to steam?

Steaming is OK if you have an IUD, use birth control, or have viruses, a bacteria or yeast infection, cysts, fibroids, bladder infections, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, gynecological disorders and are breastfeeding.

When is it not OK to steam?

Do not steam if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are on your menstrual cycle / actively menstruating
  • Are fresh spotting
  • Are about to be active in extremely hot weather
  • Are experiencing a burning itch
  • Are having extremely heavy or spontaneous bleeding between periods
  • Have recently had an IUI/IVF transfer or insemination when trying to conceive

Which steam is right for me?

There are four different herbal blends to choose from depending on your specific concerns/condition. Book a phone or in-person consultation with an esthetician to discuss a V-Steam plan and which herbal blend is best suited for your needs. Below you will find more information on each herbal blend.

Beauty Bin Health Disclaimer

Disclaimer on our V Series product/services:

Beauty Bin steaming herbal products and/or services do not take the place of a physician and should not be used to replace the services of a qualified healthcare professional. When you are receiving the treatment, you are agreeing to be fully responsible for your own health and hold the provider of said services free of any liability. The provider assumes no responsibility for any adverse reactions from the use of these products or services.

The Purifying Herbs

Cleansing Formula

The Purifying Herbs formula is the strongest herbal blend in our V-Steam series. It includes a strong dose of herbs with properties to clear stagnation out of the uterus and improve blood circulation to the mid-section. The herbs included may promote circulation, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tone skin, clear out excess mucus and nourish the reproductive organs. Including rose petals, white sage and parsley, among others, these herbs provide beauty to all of the senses.

This blend is for:

  • Postpartum Users (during the 1-2 week time period after giving birth)
  • Users with Normal or Long Menstrual Cycles (28 Days or Longer)
  • Users with Missing Periods
  • Users with Periods that are controlled with oral contraceptives (and the cycle is 28 days or longer)

Caution: This blend is not for women with short menstrual cycles (27 days or shorter) or women with interim bleeding, fresh spotting or spontaneous heavy bleeding between periods.

The Soothing Herbs

Gentle Formula

The Soothing Herbal blend is designed to help mildly clear the uterus from stagnation while also having the added benefit of possibly lengthening menstrual cycles and stopping fresh spotting or interim bleeding. It includes citrus peel, astragalus, peppermint and additional herbs formulated for these types of cycles.

This blend is for:

  • Users Prone to Short Menstrual Cycles (27 days or less)
  • Users Who Have Experienced Interim Bleeding (fresh spotting or spontaneous bleeding between periods) anytime in the past 3 months
  • Users Who Have Experienced Two Periods Per Month anytime over the past 3 months
  • Postpartum moms experiencing heavy blood flow, whose periods return before 9 months postpartum or who have a history of short cycles

Note: If you fall into the categories above, the Gentle Herbs are going to supersede any of the other herb formulas you believe might suit you. These are the most important herbs for you to have.

The Deep Cleansing Herbs

Disinfecting Formula

The Deep Cleansing/Disinfecting Herb blend is designed for women that have excess cervical mucus and infections or viruses that accompany it. It includes herbs that may help kill bacteria, yeast and viruses while expelling toxins, reducing inflammation, getting rid of excess mucus, deodorizing and resetting the healthy vaginal flora in the reproductive tract. Some of the top herbs include white sage, sophora root and cornsilk.

This blend is for:

  • Infections Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Inflammation Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • HPV Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • STDs Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Viruses Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Irregular Pap Smears  Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Cervical Dysplasia Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Cancer Accompanied with Irregular Discharge

Note: If you have any of the above and also have short menstrual cycles (27 days or less), you should get both the Disinfecting Herbs AND Gentle Herbs and rotate them. If you have any of the above but it’s not accompanied with irregular discharge, the cooling or cleansing formulas would likely be the best choice for you.

The Reviving Herbs

Cooling Formula

The cooling herbs are specially designed for women experiencing night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness or are living in hot climates. It includes herbs that help to nourish, moisturize and cool down, as well as tonify the kidneys and provide circulation. Some of the main actors are kelp, white peony root and calendula.

This blend is for:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Users Living in Hot Climates
  • Hysterectomies
  • Infections or Viruses accompanied by vaginal dryness or burning

Caution: If you have any of the above and also have fibroids or cysts, the cleansing herbs are probably the best choice for you. Also, this blend has seaweed in it (one of the strongest cooling herb categories) so it smells like a mermaid, which not everyone likes.


New Client V-Steam Package

Although some women experience positive results right after their first V-Steam session, other women may require multiple sessions to see positive results. Take advantage of this special package for NEW clients only and start to see all the amazing benefits V Steaming has to offer. Offer valid for 2 steaming sessions ($35 per session).

V-Steam Bundles

4 steam sessions: $140 ($35 per session)
8 steam sessions: $240 ($30 per session)

V-Steam Monthly Membership

Monthly membership includes 2 V Steam sessions per month. Monthly membership is a 3-month commitment.

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